(English) Palawan:
The Philippine Island Home To One Of
The World’s Natural Wonders

“Another hour later, we arrived with jaws dropped as we soaked up our new surroundings in one of Asia’s most beautiful, least crowded and most sympathetically developed destinations – the Bacuit archipelago, more commonly known simple as El Nido.” – Philip Sherwell of The Telegraph UK – Travel

(English) Top 25 Luxury Resorts in Asia – Singapore Getaways

Aspirant SG cites El Nido Resorts’ Pangulasian Island Resort as one of their favourites luxury resorts and travel experiences in the Top 25 Luxury Resorts in Asia – Singapore Getaways.

(English) Unveiling Lagen Island,
Timeless Coastal Charm

Described by Architect Onglao as a Timeless Coastal Charm, El Nido Resorts’ Eco-Sanctuary resort, Lagen Island, reopened last December and is as breathtaking as ever. The structures and designs were conceptualized by Architect Onglao to complement the natural beauty of the island. Now introducing an unsullied impression and ambiance, Lagen Island redefines a new level of luxury.

For Architect Onglao, light is essential to his designs and this urged him to open up all the spaces to allow the guests to see the beauty of Bacuit Bay. The re-designed villas showcased views of the environment with lush trees and the astonishing backdrop of the mountainside.

I’m Lagen It!
“We finally docked at our eco-sanctuary resort in El Nido’s Lagen Island, nestled between a lush four-hectare forest and a calm, shallow lagoon with a dramatic limestone cliff as its backdrop.”– RJ Ledesma

El Nido draws more tourists, Philippine Daily Inquirer
“It’s easy to understand, seeing how the staff takes great pride in their place of work.” – Raoul Chee Kee

El Nido Resorts: Environment Comes First, Philippine Star
“It is not hard to fall in love with El Nido’s beauty – and know instinctively that this is an environmental wonder that must be protected.” – Ida del Mundo

Lingering in Lagen, Business Mirror
“Lingering in Lagen is more than a luxurious escape but also an interlude with Mother Nature.” – Bernard Supetran