El Nido Resorts embraces its leadership role in nature conservation, being the largest employer in the municipality and operating in small islands within the Protected Area. We work closely with the community and local government in areas requiring much support, such as in the prevention of illegal fishing, coral and reef fish assessments, environmental education campaigns, and more.

Monitoring Wildlife
El Nido Resorts launched El Nido Biodiversity Online, a database of El Nido’s flora and fauna, in 2008. The database contains datasheets and photos of the plants and animals found in El Nido, where they are seen, and when.

Aside from the participation of guests and staff in monitoring wildlife, the academe is also involved. El Nido Resorts supports scientific studies on the flora and fauna of El Nido by providing board and lodging, boats, equipment (e.g. dive gear), and personnel to visiting researchers. Examples of studies conducted are the reef fish surveys by Dr. Gerry Allen and Dr. Mark Erdmann and carrying capacity of dive sites by Dr. Lyndon deVantier and Mr. Emre Turak.

Marine Ecosystems Preservation and Protection
Marine Turtle Conservation Program
All marine turtles found in the waters of El Nido and Taytay are endangered. At least five species of turtles are known to nest in some of El Nido’s beaches.El Nido Resorts champions the conservation of endangered sea turtles, with tag-and-release programs in cooperation with the Protected Area Office, and hatchling releases from nests safeguarded by resort staff.

To further educate guests, El Nido Resorts offers a Turtle Tracking Tour during the hatching season. This tour provides guests with the opportunity to track the gentle sea turtles in their natural habitat, participate in turtle releases, and learn about turtle biology and our hatchery program.

Coastal Cleanups
Lagen Island Resort has consistently supported and participates in eco-events such as International Coastal Clean-up Day, World Ocean Day, and Earth Day and has chosen to make coastal clean-up a regular activity, clearing beaches of marine debris twice monthly.

Installation of Eco-reefs at Tres Marias
In April 2006, El Nido Resorts partnered with the local community and El Nido Foundation, Inc. (ENF) in the installation of EcoReef artificial reef modules in Tres Marias, a former dive site devastated by illegal fishing, coral bleaching, and typhoons. El Nido is only the 2nd in the world to receive the ceramic modules, after Bunaken National Park in Indonesia.

Installation of Mooring Bouys
To prevent anchor damage on coral reefs, El Nido Resorts’ Dive Team installed (and maintains) mooring buoys in 21 sites around Bacuit Bay. These are especially important in high-traffic areas such as the Small Lagoon and South Miniloc.

Protection of Giant Clams
El Nido Resorts transplanted giant clams to the front reef of Miniloc Island Resort and Lagen Island Resort from different parts of Bacuit Bay, where these endangered species are harvested indiscriminately.

El Nido Marine Monitoring Task Force
The waters of El Nido are constantly under threat from various illegal activities. El Nido Resorts patrols the waters of Bacuit Bay and coordinates with local authorities in apprehending violators. Participation in the Marine Monitoring Task Force means extending more assistance in terms of logistics, drafting ordinances and lobbying for penal provisions both in the Protected Area Management Board and the Municipal Legislative Body.