Our eco-resorts on Miniloc Island and Lagen Island in El Nido and Apulit Island in Taytay have been “good neighbors” by building mutually beneficial partnerships with key stakeholders; promoting responsible tourism principles in community and provincial tourism planning; enjoying community support and high morale of staff; and providing guests with unforgettable cultural experiences with local staff in a beautiful setting.

Employment and Livelihood Opportunities for the Local Community
Through creation of meaningful employment opportunities and the commitment to hire and promote locally, the people of El Nido and Taytay have a viable option to earn a decent living and stay in their own community. Scheduled trainings are offered to the local community to improve the skill set for potential employees not just for the resort, but also for other smaller tourist cottages in the area. Since 2005, resort supervisors have been training local people for basic skills in the areas of food & beverage, housekeeping, and kitchen. Working with professional trainers, local women are trained to become massage therapists. Over the years, banca owners from town have been regularly providing the transportation needs of El Nido Resorts guests.

Patronizing Local Products
Women from several barangays (villages) in El Nido have also been trained in weaving to produce native bags and slippers that are purchased by the resorts. The bags and slippers are given as complimentary room amenities, thereby ensuring ongoing demand.
El Nido Resorts tries to keep on reducing food miles by sourcing locally. Locally and organically produced vegetables comprise 60% of total kitchen purchases, while locally reared livestock comprise 90% of total kitchen purchases.

Community Service
Annually, El Nido Resorts arranges Sea Scouts training for both staff and the community. A Sea Scouts certificate assists individuals seeking employment in the maritime industry. Increasing the local pool of Sea Scouts enhances the largely coastal community’s ability to respond to accidents. El Nido Resorts doctors augment the services of the lone Municipal Health Officer in El Nido, bringing healing and health education to the various villages at least twice a week. Resort doctors also render free services on the annual Mass Blood Donation Program of the Philippine Red Cross in El Nido. Staff are willing donors, making El Nido Resorts one of the biggest contributors in Palawan. El Nido Resorts’ 1.5-hectare organic farm in El Nido serves as demonstration site for locals to help improve the quality of their produce for long-term sustainability. Instead of using chemicals as fertilizer, composted biodegradable wastes of El Nido Resorts are used here. It also demonstrates the rearing of “Happy Pigs,” leaner pigs that feed on vegetables and effective microorganisms. Local farmers are welcome to learn about the technique so the resort can purchase locally and organically produced vegetables and meat from them in the future.