Miniloc Island has a total of 50 rooms that are thatched-roofed and furnished with indigenous Filipino materials. Floors are wooden and walls are covered in woven bamboo slats, locally known as sawali. All rooms have a private verandah which offers excellent views of the sea and surrounding islands.

There are seven Water Cottages built on stilts right beside Miniloc’s dramatic limestone cliffs. Each Water Cottage has a 25sqm floor area and can accommodate a maximum of two persons.

Five Seaview Rooms are also on stilts over the water. Each two-level Seaview Room has a total floor area of 43sqm and fits four.

Thirteen Garden Cottages are surrounded by tropical plants and just a stone’s throw from the beach. Each Garden Cottage has a floor area of 27sqm and can accommodate up to three persons.

Three Cliff Cottages are built on the cliffside offering a panoramic view of the resort and Bacuit Bay. Each Cliff Cottage has a floor area of 43sqm to accommodate up to four persons. A narrow flight of stairs have to be navigated to reach the Cliff Cottages, hence are not suitable for families with young children.

There are 12 Beachside Rooms situated right in front of Miniloc’s white sand beach. Each Beachside Room, built in two-level clusters of four, has a 30sqm floor area to house three persons.

Ten Deluxe Seaview Rooms have been designed to showcase Miniloc Island as an eco-friendly resort. All 10 rooms are wholly powered by solar energy and installed with an efficient lighting system and ceiling fans. Each of the 44sqm Deluxe Seaview Rooms can accommodate two persons and offers a spectacular view of Bacuit Bay.