The unrivaled beauty of El Nido has had an enduring allure to nature enthusiasts. Here are some of the islands that may be visited around Bacuit Bay, in the southwest coast of El Nido.

Cadlao Island
Cadlao Island has the highest peak among the islands in Bacuit Bay, with a height of 609 meters. It is notable for several pockets of quiet beaches, hidden lagoons, and its lush forest cover.

Cudugnon Cave
One of the highlights of the island-hopping tour, one must crawl through a hole to enter the main cavern. This in turn leads to a smaller cavern which is believed by archeologists to be a burial site during the Neolithic period.

7 Commands Point
This beach is a popular destination for picnics.

Dibuluan Beach Club
From within the comforts of a beach club, a variety of experiences awaits in Dibuluan. Relatively small and low, this island can be hiked to the top for a great view of the inner Bay. The trail is along a coconut grove, bamboo thickets, and banana shrubs, and ends in a small mangrove forest. At least two patches of reefs may be enjoyed by divers and advanced snorkelers. Activities offered are snorkeling and water sports activities.

Dilumacad Island (Whale Island or Helicopter Island)
Shaped like a cooking ladle when viewed from the top, and like a slumbering whale when viewed from the sea, the beach on Dilumacad is a venue for packed lunches during chartered trips. Snorkeling and swimming off the island is excellent.

Entalula Beach Club
One of the most romantic spots in El Nido, Entalula is magical because of its pristine beach with bent coconut trees, and the colorful marine life in its coral reef. Activities offered are snorkeling, diving, water sports activities and rock climbing, at certain times of the year.

Mantinloc Island
Matinloc is a local term for “beautiful,” It boasts of two spectacular snorkeling areas: Kalmung Point and Kulasa beach. It is also home to Secret Beach, which is accessed by snorkeling into a small opening through the rocks.

Miniloc Island
Miniloc boasts of several natural attractions, among which are:

Big Lagoon
One of the more popular snorkeling spots in El Nido, it has deep emerald waters and is frequented by sea turtles.

Small Lagoon
Reached through a crack between rocks, the small lagoon is enclosed by towering marble walls. Don’t miss the “private” pool in the innermost part of the lagoon.

Pinasil Island (Cathedral Cave)
Pinasil has a cathedral-like cavern within its confines.

Tapiutan Island
Further out of the bay facing the South China Sea, Tapiutan’s rich marine life provides for excellent scuba diving and snorkeling.

Vigan Island (Snake Island)
Located near Pangulasian Island, it is commonly called “Snake Island” because of a fine natural sandspit (s-shaped sandbar) that “snakes” off its shores. The sandspit appears only at low tide. A 5-minute hike to the top of the island leads to a view-deck.